Thursday, August 30, 2012

This lady needs to stop confronting criminals

The Police "Every Breath you take"

Oy vey. Just when I thought it was safe for me to return to MIT since the students have moved back I catch yet another criminal. Now my study buddy and I have noticed this old guy before at Stratton and have been dubious of his intentions (he walks with an empty knapsack possibly for carrying the items he's stolen and sits with his legs up on the couch [oftentimes exposing himself in our direction] whilst reading a newspaper (or at least acting like he's reading a newspaper.)

This evening I returned to the student center just as this creepy guy was walking out. For some reason I felt very uneasy the moment I saw him and I didn't like that he saw me walk into the reading room by myself. I had a bad feeling that he was going to return just to lurk creepily again. He sees me walking out and instead of actually leaving I see that he is waiting in the entryway. I put down my sweatshirt and my salad in a group study room and close the door and head for the bathroom taking all prized possessions including my books with me. In the mean time I wait in the entryway and watch as this guy opens the door to my room and inspects to see if I've left anything of value. I wait for a few seconds to see what he is going to do and then he turns around and sees that I'm watching him. That's when we proceed to have a 5 minute conversation where he is rambling on excuses about why he was in my room and I'm just asking him if he needs the group room in an effort to find out if he is actually affiliated with MIT. (Apparently his "wife" works at the MIT library.)

I don't know why I persist to engage in discourse with people who are trying to steal my things or are creepy around my things, but the habit of conversation comes naturally to me and typically it's in a non-aggressive approach where the criminal does not feel threatened and enough people are around where I don't feel threatened either. At the end of the day I am always truly bothered by the idea of nefarious onlookers who violate my sense of space and my items. I put a lot of care (almost to the point of OCD) in preserving all my possessions and I really do feel violated and defeated when creepy people watch and wait for me to leave my things behind so they can take them or, in this case, touch them or smell them. What I should do is leave links to my blog everywhere so hopefully they can 1. see how much I am bothered by it and 2. learn some lessons. Shame on you creepy criminal. Shame on you.

UPDATE as of 21:22: Talked to MIT Police, apparently this guy has been exposing himself to women all week and I'm the third report. I really need to not study here any more, but good thing is they said they've been tailing him for the past 4-5 days now. Thumbs WAY DOWN!

UPDATE as of 21:39: Confirmed photo of perp. with MIT police officer.

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