Thursday, August 23, 2012

Park Street T Station Art and 5 more things to know about me

Fuel "Shimmer"

*I've noticed that my blog has a good amount of readers in Russia and France, so here is a special shout-out to my international readers: Zdravstvuj! Salut!

I was waiting in the park street T station today when I noticed this piece of art work (or at least I think this is a piece of artwork.) I really like it. There was also a hunk on the opposite platform. He's the guy next to the guy in the blue shirt. I'm happy my photography skills managed to capture him too.

5 Things to know about me:

(1) I love the 90s. Everything about them. Music, movies, TV shows, outfits, toys, life in general. I will totally go back to the 90s once a time machine is made.

(2) "I was born to be bad." --From Rent! This is sort of true but not really.

(3) I'm obsessed with Rent. Jon Larson is a genius and I will jump at the chance to play Mimi off-Broadway.

(4) I think candles are lame (and dangerous) unless there's a real blackout (but then again there's flashlights. The newer LED ones are super nice too.) This is the one fad I do not like from the 90s.

(5) When I was little, I was obsessed with the Golden Girls. I loved Sophia, the oldest one. She was 90+ and used to reminisce about Sicily and as a child I'd memorize her lines and tell people stories about Sicily too. I've never been to Sicily.

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