Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2 interesting things, 1 ridiculous thing, 1 annoying thing, 1 observation, and 1 missed opportunity

Foster The People "Pumped up kicks" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDTZ7iX4vTQ

(1) Here are 2 pics outside of kendall station on the uni-pave in front of the Marriott. I don't know if these panels were always there or new, but I thought they were interesting.

(2) This afternoon I was getting sleepy while studying so I decided to take a break, change into my gym clothes, grab dinner, and then go to the gym. I realized while changing that I had forgotten to pack my gym socks. I was lucky for leaving the library a little earlier today because the MGH gift shop was still open (stays open until 1930.) I thought they might have some socks, but the only options they had were very thick chenille socks or thinner/funky dress socks. I opted for the latter and ended up spending $10.00 on pink poodle socks just to wear to the gym today. Ridiculous. Below is a photo of the socks. Nevertheless, I had a good workout today so mission accomplished I guess. Oh, and the socks actually matched my outfit since I had a similar colored workout tank-top on.

(3) Today I had a good amount of books on me and I, for some reason, am always astounded by the inconsideration or impoliteness of some people. I'm a teeny chick and had these two heavy bags and a giant physics book on me and not a single able-bodied younger gentleman offered me his seat on the T today. For all you men out there reading this, when was the last time you offered either a lady or an elderly person your seat out of being a kind person/good citizen? A side-anecdote: my answer to that question was a few weeks back on a bus to MIT I, again, had 2 heavy bags and a heavy book and still offered my seat to a woman with a cane. I then chatted with her about eddie murphy and chris rock the rest of the bus ride.

(4) After my stalking/theft incident, I am constantly staring down orange-haired younger men around this city and I've only been able to come to one conclusion: there are ample orange-haired younger men in this city. I spent a good several minutes in close quarters from my would-be criminal so I thought I'd be able to recognize the dude in a line-up if the MIT police ever had multiple suspects, but my gosh, I saw 2 orange-haired possible thieves in my gym alone yesterday. This is harder than I thought.

(5) Lastly, this Sunday I missed my snorkel lesson. I'm pretty bummed about this, but hopefully I can make it up next summer and possibly learn Scuba too.

*I chose the song above only because I noticed that in most of the pics in today's post I am wearing some pumped up kicks.

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