Sunday, September 30, 2012

Holy Smokes! I am renewed?

Edwards Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes "Home"

Holy smokes! I think, I THINK, something went right in my life! My move was insanely seamless today despite all the odds stacked against me (the rain, not enough boxes, half of my items unpacked, lack of BH parking, limited time.) This was surprisingly NOT stressful and not filled with late extortioners. My TR movers were fabulous and I am shocked that this worked out this well (thanks to the movers by the way.) I am excited to be able to hang up my artwork (which really is important to me) and I feel like I can finally breathe. I automatically feel so much better just being somewhere else right now. WHEW! I will of course have to work out what's going on with my previous place and the other places that I've invested money into, but hopefully those are logistics that can sort themselves out. Suffice to say, I really feel renewed and optimistic that I feel like I can actually handle life.

I hung out with one my friends last night whom I hadn't seen in a very long time and she put this perfectly when I was exclaiming "how much more stuff can one person take?", her response: "it stops just when you think you can't take any more."

Here's to moving on to my happy pastures!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Five more things to know about me/wish me g'luck on my moving encore

James Blunt "Dangerous"

Tomorrow is my moving day encore for me. Wish me luck.

5 more things to know about me!

(1) I never want to stop being a nice person.
(2) I know how to weave. On a real loom. These are the looms I learned on at Cranbrook (fun fact: the weaving studio at Kingswood is the largest in the country):

(3) A part of me is a little incomplete now that I don't get to practice piano here.
(4) I really like painting and wish I had the time to further hone that skill. I've been painting as a child (acrylics on canvas) and I love it. 
(5) I'm a textbook histrionic. (

Friday, September 28, 2012

What is it that we really need?

The Fray Look after you

This week has proven to be a battle once again, but I've really stopped to think about what is it that I really need to sustain myself and persist as a functional being and what in my life is just adding to the endless frivolity we call self-indulgence. I hope this urges my readers to at least lend a fragment of consideration to what they really need in their life and what in their life is just kitsch.

(1) A place. A sacred/clean/hygenic space. Whatever it's labeled, I have not had a stable environment to return to for a very long time. As a result, this has thrown all sorts of other things in my life off-kilter. My study space, my meal plans, my exercise routine, my sleep schedule, and even my usually full social life.

(2) A routine or schedule. Even if it shifts day-to-day, it's important for me to have a schedule and stick to it. Not having a solid placed to stay where all my books and items are in order has also placed a strain on being able to sustain a schedule.

(3) People. I find I get super-bummed if I'm not surrounded by people or hanging out with people. I'm a social creature that thrives on interaction with others. I'm not the only one though. I read an article a few weeks back from my favorite blog (a nytimes philosphy blog) which discusses the importance of human interaction in defining one's identity and consciousness and how individuals living in solitary confinement in prison become plagued with psychological issues. Fascinating! I think isolation or lack of interaction affects some more than others, but obviously solitary confinement is the worst.

(4) Daily workouts. This can make or break my sleep patterns and mood and energy level.

(5) Looking after. Whether by nanny, life coach, or husband it is clear with the way I've handled my real estate issues that a solid second opinion is in firm order to hold me back from making my irrational and decisive decisions. While no one has gotten hurt in these experiences, a lot of money has gone out the window and I've just been stressed and when I'm stressed I don't eat. So there are snowball effects. I think having someone who looks out for me is very important for my well-being, but unfortunately my current circumstances don't permit that. Until then, I have my crystals and my psychic.

(6) A creative outlet. I am crafty and artistic and I like making collages and paintings and playing piano. When these parts of my life are stripped from me I tend to wander aimlessly or become fidgety. Here is a picture of my most recent painting from Paint Nite. While not my best work, I still think it's somewhat pleasant.

(7) The Challenge. What is life without the challenge to better ourselves in every avenue? What motivates us to move forward and help others then? I think a lot of us can realize that having a certain challenge to propel ourselves forward is the key to not only self-improvement but also the eternal motivator.

(8) Freedom. I grew up in a wildly liberal household where I was basically allowed to do whatever I wanted (within reason.) To compensate in this world of rules, I now try to fill my life with people who at least either understand or support my ridiculous plans/activities or offer sound advice on when to act differently in an appropriate and non-patronizing tone.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Most Disheartening Realization To date + 1000 page views!

The Submarines "A satellite, stars, and an ocean behind you"

I believe, to date, the most disheartening realization that I've come across in my lifetime of twenty six and almost one-half years is that it is almost nearly impossible to change this world. I am constantly troubled by not only the injustices that I experience, but also the ones that I am attuned to as I meet more individuals from various walks of life. Truly speaking, my real estate issues are trivial in comparison to the individuals I know who are either buried in student loans or living hand-to-mouth on limited incomes and grossly inflated Boston rental rates or the even more unfortunate individuals I don't know who can't pay off their medical bills.

Oy vey...

I remember this statue back at Cranbrook of Diogenes (a Cynic Philosopher) holding a lantern. The story goes that he used to traverse the streets with a lantern in search of an honest man. I think, according to Cranbrook's history, the Booth's placed the statue in the middle of this spiral staircase to the Cranbrook assembly hall because they thought that was relatively inconspicuous location and only those of pure-heart or something could see it. (I'm sure I've botched this story somehow.) Anyway, here's a photo I'm sure I have one I took myself but I'm too tired to find it now.

*Lastly, but perhaps more importantly, I want to thank the readers of my blog! I hit 1,000 page views today since I first started my blog in May! Yay! Now I know 1,000 doesn't seem like much (and I should really only count 500 of them) but I don't have facebook or other social media to advertise my blog on so this count is pretty close to measuring the actual readers of my blog that I've recruited which I'm pretty excited about. At any rate, I'm glad y'all enjoy reading my ramblings! Here's to 1,000 more!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Top Five Favourite Aquatic Animals

Of Monsters and Men "Dirty Paws"

(1) Sea horses--this is just about the only exception to my aversion of small animals that move and that's probably because this is an aquatic creature. I LOVE seahorses. They look so peaceful and majestic. What a gorgeous creature!

Did you know: 1. that the male is carries the baby seahorses instead of the females in a pouch 2. there is a longsnout seahorse and a long-snouted seahorse (different species)

(2) Whales--this should of course make sense since they're so big, but I love whales because it boggles my mind how tiny I am and how large they are. I often wonder how big I am in comparison to a whale's anatomy. Am I the size of it's fin? I find that so interesting. I need to still go whale-watching-next summer!

(3) Manatee--These gentle creatures look like giant teddy bears in the water. Of course I've never met one so I'm not sure if they growl or not, but from what I've heard they are very kind sea mammals. Let's hope the poaching stops so I can meet a manatee one day. Normally, I think babies are annoying but this baby manatee looks very cute.

Did you know: Manatees can weigh up to 1300 lbs and are up to 13 feet long (c/o wikipedia) ? That's more than twice my size. They are also the only animals with a vascularized cornea and they sleep half the day in the water.

(4) Octopus--I'm sorry but these things are amazingly vicious and yet deceptively gorgeous too. I think I pick this because I love the number 8 because if you turn it sideways it is an infinity sign. 

Did you know that: (1) An octopuses first strategy is to to hide when in danger. I feel like I know far to many people who are like that too so perhaps that is a legitimate defense tactic? (2) Octopuses also eject ink as a second line of defense in order to bamboozle predators. Ink=pepper spray for women. I think these creatures are on to something.  (3) They have very good eyesight too.

*Picture from Baltimore's National Aquarium. Clearly I did not pay attention to the 'no photography' sign.

(5) Jellyfish--Ok This last favorite sea creature is just a pretty to see and I am fascinated because of bio-luminescence and its biological applications. I once read that the protein that allows jellyfish to appear illuminated has biotechnological applications such as gene marking. This research/application won the Nobel prize in chemistry.

And the real estate issues continue! Part 1

Jay Z/Kanye---PARIS

I'm hoping that perhaps anyone reading this will learn from my endless litany of miserable real estate experiences and become more educated in being a wise consumer/tenant.

(1) Firstly, I wanted to post this ridiculous response I received from a reply to a Craigslist post in my search for a new apartment:

"Too picky.
Suffering from princess syndrome.
We're not looking for a high maintence (sic) roommate."

I responded to the ad by asking if the place met my 3 criteria of: 1. being close to a redline T station, 2. having laundry, and 3. being close to a grocery store.

*Sidenote: I chose these items and listed a criteria because I sometimes watch this Toronto based show called "For Rent" that helps people find apartments in days and the host always asks the prospective tenant for three important things they are looking for and she advises that location should be the most important thing for renters in my age group.

I just can't believe how ridiculous and crazy people are, and furthermore I don't believe that my criteria are so outrageous to warrant a "princess syndrome" or "high mainten[an]ce" accusation. It's not as if I requested this place must be within a 1 miles radius of a Saks Fifth Avenue. Sheesh! I can't catch a break from judgement!

(2) Now my moving company story: my first moving experience during the Great Migration weekend on Sep 1st my movers were 6-7 hours late and after multiple calls they office ignored me and stopped picking up. As a response, I called Boston PD to inquire about the protocol about my moving parking permits expiring and was told that I would not be at fault if my truck actually came and parked. Additionally, I asked what to do if some things that were noted in the yelp reviews started happening and I was told to just call 9-1-1. Fast forward to the end of the day and my movers showed up and finished the move in 45 mins to 1 hour. I signed a contract for 2 hours and the movers also stopped the clock at that time and told the office I should only be charged 2 hours. They then called the office to close out the service and the office magically tacked on 3.5 hours. Because this was the end of the day the movers themselves told me that they have attempted to extort every young female that was moving into the city that day and these poor girls (including me) spend 1+ hours arguing on the phone. I spent close to 2 hours in the middle of my new neighborhood's street arguing on the phone with this schmuck and I eventually ended the convo by telling them if they overcharged me that I will take them to the local news, Boston PD, The State House.

TIP FOR WHEN YOU ARE BEING EXTORTED: 1. Know your rights beforehand and what you are agreeing to in a contract-this helped me a ton as I waited for my movers to violate the contract before I held them accountable and complained, 2. always yelp and BBB a company before signing any contract--I only wish I read the yelp reviews before getting involved. I got this company through a friend that had a pleasent experience, but for the most part things were horrific for young ladies trying to move, 3. if you are threatened call the police, 4. always followup with your credit card company (I called Amex and state that this was a fraudulent charge. Amex for now has suspended the charge as it is being disputed with the company.) 5. follow all the proper protocols/documentations such as filing a complaint with the BBB ( and the local government ( I took these to the State House/Martha Coakley's office. 6. If necessary file a formal complaint with the police and other government authorities. 7. As always, Yelp!

Thus I've chosen today's song since I've been fined by MF. Stay tuned for my moveout #2 encore and the problems I'm encountering with one new potential place. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Rosh Hashanah/Comeback #2 has failed!

Lifehouse feat Natasha Bedingfield "Between the Raindrops"

First things first, Happy Rosh Hashanah! (Jewish New Year!) Maybe this will mark my new year too.

I am completely horrified with the way my second comeback is failing. I mean come on! This is getting ridiculous. I was sick this weekend (sore throat and fever, thumbs down) and on top of that I must move once more. Life is frustrating when I see disaster unfold in front of me and I cannot do a darn thing about it except for pull it together and resolve things quickly with the information and resources that I have at the time. My resilience in life is constantly tested. At this point, I didn't even get to blog about about my first horrific moving experience yet with my movers (those extorting schmucks--stay tuned for that enraged post.) Let's just hope that things get resolved for me quickly. I've certainly been through much worse and I'm in a position where a resolution is at least possible.
At any rate, I feel like I am constantly swimming in syrup. Despite being able to keep my head up, I am constantly struggling against a very strong, resistive, and relentless force that is insistent on making it as hard as possible to let me move forward. I've somehow become submerged in a dismal state of despair.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nice Boston Skyline

The Killers "Runaways"

Some nice pictures of Boston's Skyline:

 View from Revere Hotel 23rd floor--Boston Common Baseball field/State House (wayy in the back right with Gold top dome.)

Boston Skyline Night-lit up Commons/State House

Lit up State House

 Moonscape! (Center)

Monday, September 10, 2012

This Summer's Lessons Learned/Review

The Lumineers "Stubborn Love"

Some of these are repeats, some of these are from recent reflection:

(1) I rarely change opinions after my first impression is already made.
(2) Persistence is key. Always keep going.
(3) Just do it.
(4) I'm a sucker for charisma and a beautiful mind. Where is it in this city?!?!
(5) I really do love medicine/understanding the way the human body functions and I get a high off of the prospect of being in a profession that will not only allow me to constantly learn about human medicine, but also serve as the seeker of solutions for when the body fails.
(6) I grossly underestimated my need for personal space/privacy in a clean living space.
(7) I have an intrinsic fear of commitment on multiple levels and in many aspects of my life.
(8) Obstacles in life are inevitable, but these obstacles can also be realistic external models of what may be wrong internally in your life.
(9) Society does not know what to do with me yet.
(10) Protect yourself.
(11) Support yourself.
(12) Never stop trying to get better.
(13) Relationships (of any kind) are incredibly hard.
(14) SAVE
(15) I'm afraid of some new technology.
(16) I have an obligation to accept that things have changed and move forward.
(17) There's really nothing in this world that can steer me away from wanting to be a doctor. (No matter how long it takes.)
(18) Even though I know it's not a right fit, I'm still always bothered when relationships just don't work out.
(19) 100% is way easier than 98% (
(20)  I realize this sailing blog has turned into a forum for my random thoughts. One of these days, I promise, I will learn to sail and this blog will really turn into my maritime adventures.

*With 3 ER visits, 2 stalker/thefts, 2 accurate (and dismal) psychic readings, 3 visits to the walk-in clinic due to unforeseen illnesses/accidents, 1 zipcar rejection, 1 bizarre living situation, massive downsizing of things to fit in new apartment, 2 smashed fingers, a score of pointless match/ok dates (which I admit I brought on myself), 1 more failed relationship, 1 crazy moving situation (which involved Boston PD, attempted extortion, and fraudulent charges on my credit card), now 2 annoying apartment situations I am glad this dramatic summer is over. I am glad to have started organizing my new place, I'm glad to start school today and go back to my lab. I am hoping to gain some peace of mind. I will be laying low underground in my new foxhole for the remainder of the year. Hopefully I will emerge triumphant around groundhogs day.