Monday, September 10, 2012

This Summer's Lessons Learned/Review

The Lumineers "Stubborn Love"

Some of these are repeats, some of these are from recent reflection:

(1) I rarely change opinions after my first impression is already made.
(2) Persistence is key. Always keep going.
(3) Just do it.
(4) I'm a sucker for charisma and a beautiful mind. Where is it in this city?!?!
(5) I really do love medicine/understanding the way the human body functions and I get a high off of the prospect of being in a profession that will not only allow me to constantly learn about human medicine, but also serve as the seeker of solutions for when the body fails.
(6) I grossly underestimated my need for personal space/privacy in a clean living space.
(7) I have an intrinsic fear of commitment on multiple levels and in many aspects of my life.
(8) Obstacles in life are inevitable, but these obstacles can also be realistic external models of what may be wrong internally in your life.
(9) Society does not know what to do with me yet.
(10) Protect yourself.
(11) Support yourself.
(12) Never stop trying to get better.
(13) Relationships (of any kind) are incredibly hard.
(14) SAVE
(15) I'm afraid of some new technology.
(16) I have an obligation to accept that things have changed and move forward.
(17) There's really nothing in this world that can steer me away from wanting to be a doctor. (No matter how long it takes.)
(18) Even though I know it's not a right fit, I'm still always bothered when relationships just don't work out.
(19) 100% is way easier than 98% (
(20)  I realize this sailing blog has turned into a forum for my random thoughts. One of these days, I promise, I will learn to sail and this blog will really turn into my maritime adventures.

*With 3 ER visits, 2 stalker/thefts, 2 accurate (and dismal) psychic readings, 3 visits to the walk-in clinic due to unforeseen illnesses/accidents, 1 zipcar rejection, 1 bizarre living situation, massive downsizing of things to fit in new apartment, 2 smashed fingers, a score of pointless match/ok dates (which I admit I brought on myself), 1 more failed relationship, 1 crazy moving situation (which involved Boston PD, attempted extortion, and fraudulent charges on my credit card), now 2 annoying apartment situations I am glad this dramatic summer is over. I am glad to have started organizing my new place, I'm glad to start school today and go back to my lab. I am hoping to gain some peace of mind. I will be laying low underground in my new foxhole for the remainder of the year. Hopefully I will emerge triumphant around groundhogs day.

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