Monday, August 20, 2012

Why are strangers so stupid sometimes?

So I just remembered that last night around 2230 I was walking home on mass ave and I had taken out my contacts since I could feel a migraine coming on and it was dark so I couldn't see and my head hurt. I was listening to music but I only had one earphone in at a very low volume so I could still hear if someone was approaching me from behind and I also tried to hide the wire since looking like I have earphones in makes me a target I think. Then of course some moron on a bike decides to holler at me  from behind to ask me for some money or change. Now I've been jumpy ever since my theft incident so without even thinking I start running away from him into the middle of the street. Especially because there was this tiny stretch where no else was on the street. Maybe that was a little excessive, but I wasn't going to stick around to see if some guy approaching me in the middle of the night was a criminal or not. I have to say though, if this guy wasn't a criminal I think he's just an idiot. It's in poor form to approach a girl from behind in the middle of the night to ask her for money when there's no one on the road. Especially since I was walking by myself. Obviously it will make the girl nervous and if this guy wasn't a criminal then he probably should've used common sense to ask a guy, not a teeny little girl.

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