Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Summer Blooms-Phaelaenopsis 1

Delerium "Innocente"

Just when I think life sometimes is such utter BS, I find myself lucky to be able to wake up to these every morning. Here are pictures of my summer blooms. This is the second time they've bloomed. I think they look nice! I'm hoping my new apartment gets as much sunlight as my current place does because I'd like to keep them healthy. I call them Phaelaenopsis 1 because I have some baby orchids too which I call Phaelaenopsis 2. Those look a little sad so I'm not posting their pics. I think about how every day is the same for these orchids. They just persist without stress or disruption and they are just flowing with nature (or as much as they can being a house plant and all.) On the contrary, I'm almost always in a funk and grouchy these days. Perhaps a nature retreat is in order for me...

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