Friday, January 4, 2013

Chow Chow Genghis Khan, The Debate on Kwanzaa, Knitted Snittens and more: Musings from this week

(1) OK, It's really not that cold outside or perhaps I think my threshold for pain might be increasing? I say this after a 7 degree morning yesterday but I hope so--that's the point of my life right now. Stay healthy, fit, and with a purpose and the cold doesn't seem to disturb me. The wind on the other hand works against gravity and I'm just a tiny person so I can't help what goes on there.

(2) I'm still annoyed about Mr. Mouse. My dad's suggestions were either cheese or deer urine---neither of which I keep in my apartment...I'm hoping this is in someway a Stoic/Character building experience, but I'm more irritated that the rent in this place is insane and there's no one to call when I encountered Mr. Mouse. (My concierge proved useless citing that he's just as afraid of mice.) It's unfortunate because of my irrational and particular fear against small things that move. Anyway, my building stated that I'll have to wait until Wednesday :o(.

(3) Moving on, I saw this picture of Martha Stewart's doggie Chow Chow Genghis Khan II and was immediately uplifted. There's something about her dining with this bear that I find hilarious. Despite my allergies, I would totally get this dog since it looks much larger than me and while falling into the wikipedia vortex I've discovered some interesting things about Chow Chows: 1. Freud had one that he used to see patients with since he believed that the dog could pick up on certain aspects of human personality, 2. Martha Stewart lost her first Chow Chow Genghis Khan I in a Kennel fire previously, 3. owning a Chow Chow might increase your insurance premium as these doggies contribute to aggressive dog bites. Here's a great picture of Chow Chow Genghis Khan II at lunch with Martha (apparently it took home a Blue Ribbon for "Best in Breed" at a dog show):

(4) So while I'm always disappointed if someone else is filling in for Anderson Cooper on AC 360, but this time the substitute was held her own in this debate on Kwanzaa:
Part 2 is even funnier

What a magical TV moment.

(5) Lastly, I was sitting at the Marriott at Kendall Sq yesterday trying to read (as I frequently do because of its proximity to Starbucks AND the T station) and because of colder temps lately the lobby was definitely not well heated and I came up with a great invention: Knitted Snittens. Unfortunately, a quick google search revealed that I've already been beaten to the idea (, but I hold total royalties on that name.

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