Thursday, October 22, 2015


Hello fair readers! I know it's been some times once I've posted-Swimming has been busy at sea whale watching, volunteering, working, and sorting out a tumultuous lodging situation.

I will post my maritime adventures later. For now, I would like to share a wonderful poem entitled 'Life Changes'. While volunteering at Healthcare for the Homeless, one very special lady gave me a copy of her poem after she told me about her battle with ovarian cancer and how she wrote this one night. She encouraged me to stay strong in all of my endeavors, to love greatly, and to laugh and be silly (she has been married 20 years and still plays pranks on her husband). She also gave me some wonderful words of wisdom to stand up for myself, be very discerning, and learn some Krav Maga to defend myself. I look forward to hanging out with her more. For now, enjoy her wonderful words: