Friday, August 10, 2012

An anecdote from the past to keep moving forward

Calvin Harris "We'll be coming back"

I've spent a great deal of my summer studying for the MCATs and I have about 3-4 weeks left until my exam. At times it seems that this experience has been more of a test of my tenacity to move forward than anything else (especially since I've postponed this exam so many times now it's  becoming embarrassing.) I had a few panic attacks today and the thing I keep in mind during times like these is actually an anecdote from when I was an engineer. During my second trip to the army base (shout out to the EOD!) I had to go by myself and part of the experience involved in these trips was the journey of getting there. I remember moments when I'd get tired or nervous or anxious and the only thing I had to keep me moving forward while I was alone was the fact that I didn't have choice. I had to move forward. Pulling over or abandoning ship (so-to-speak) was not an option becuase even if I did I still had to get back on board and continue. So I just kept going. I never stopped until I got there, accomplished what I wanted to accomplish, and went home. I think this MCAT thing and eventually med school, residency, and even life in general are similar in nature. The moment we think we have options or alternatives to what we're actually set out to accomplish is the moment we set ourselves up for retreat. Instead of ruminating on the time left until my exam I made the choice to consider that I don't have a choice. As painful as this process is, I've certainly been through worse and I just need to keep waking up everyday and moving forward. Better yet: Shut the heck up and Just. Do. It.

Also, here's a special shout-out to my cousins Ritwik and Rishi in Contai. I know you guys read my blog and I hope you find it entertaining! I miss you all!

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