Friday, August 3, 2012

Eight reasons I love the Olympics

US Olympic Swim Team rendition of "Call me Maybe":

(1) I think what I like most about these games is watching the athletes since they have such tremendous worth ethic.

(2) The British fanfare. Opening ceremony was brilliant.

(3) The Queen. Who doesn't love a monarch skydiving into the opening ceremony? Not to mention her outfit. She looks great no?

(4) Michael Phelps. I recall seeing him in bars when he was swimming at the Wolverine Club at the University of Michigan after Athens (Go Blue!) This guy is spectacular and a perfect example of someone doing what they were meant to do.

(5) The rest of the University of Michigan athletes (which includes a good deal of Olympic swim team.) Some facts from the umich webiste:
 -Michigan has had medal winners in every Summer Olympics except 1896 and gold medalists in all but four.
-If the University of Michigan were a country, it would qualify as the 19th most successful in Olympics medal history.

(6) The other hunky swimmer: Ryan Lochte, what a dreamboat.

 (7) The US Gymnastics team. Yay for them for winning the team (first time since 1996) and all-round gold!

(8) My parents are huge fans. Especially my dad. When they were studying in Montreal my dad took my mum to the 1976 Montreal Olympics and saw Nadia Comaneci earn the first perfect ten in Olympic history. They have the routine on film strip which I think is pure awesome.

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