Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Most Disheartening Realization To date + 1000 page views!

The Submarines "A satellite, stars, and an ocean behind you"

I believe, to date, the most disheartening realization that I've come across in my lifetime of twenty six and almost one-half years is that it is almost nearly impossible to change this world. I am constantly troubled by not only the injustices that I experience, but also the ones that I am attuned to as I meet more individuals from various walks of life. Truly speaking, my real estate issues are trivial in comparison to the individuals I know who are either buried in student loans or living hand-to-mouth on limited incomes and grossly inflated Boston rental rates or the even more unfortunate individuals I don't know who can't pay off their medical bills.

Oy vey...

I remember this statue back at Cranbrook of Diogenes (a Cynic Philosopher) holding a lantern. The story goes that he used to traverse the streets with a lantern in search of an honest man. I think, according to Cranbrook's history, the Booth's placed the statue in the middle of this spiral staircase to the Cranbrook assembly hall because they thought that was relatively inconspicuous location and only those of pure-heart or something could see it. (I'm sure I've botched this story somehow.) Anyway, here's a photo I'm sure I have one I took myself but I'm too tired to find it now.

*Lastly, but perhaps more importantly, I want to thank the readers of my blog! I hit 1,000 page views today since I first started my blog in May! Yay! Now I know 1,000 doesn't seem like much (and I should really only count 500 of them) but I don't have facebook or other social media to advertise my blog on so this count is pretty close to measuring the actual readers of my blog that I've recruited which I'm pretty excited about. At any rate, I'm glad y'all enjoy reading my ramblings! Here's to 1,000 more!

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