Saturday, September 22, 2012

And the real estate issues continue! Part 1

Jay Z/Kanye---PARIS

I'm hoping that perhaps anyone reading this will learn from my endless litany of miserable real estate experiences and become more educated in being a wise consumer/tenant.

(1) Firstly, I wanted to post this ridiculous response I received from a reply to a Craigslist post in my search for a new apartment:

"Too picky.
Suffering from princess syndrome.
We're not looking for a high maintence (sic) roommate."

I responded to the ad by asking if the place met my 3 criteria of: 1. being close to a redline T station, 2. having laundry, and 3. being close to a grocery store.

*Sidenote: I chose these items and listed a criteria because I sometimes watch this Toronto based show called "For Rent" that helps people find apartments in days and the host always asks the prospective tenant for three important things they are looking for and she advises that location should be the most important thing for renters in my age group.

I just can't believe how ridiculous and crazy people are, and furthermore I don't believe that my criteria are so outrageous to warrant a "princess syndrome" or "high mainten[an]ce" accusation. It's not as if I requested this place must be within a 1 miles radius of a Saks Fifth Avenue. Sheesh! I can't catch a break from judgement!

(2) Now my moving company story: my first moving experience during the Great Migration weekend on Sep 1st my movers were 6-7 hours late and after multiple calls they office ignored me and stopped picking up. As a response, I called Boston PD to inquire about the protocol about my moving parking permits expiring and was told that I would not be at fault if my truck actually came and parked. Additionally, I asked what to do if some things that were noted in the yelp reviews started happening and I was told to just call 9-1-1. Fast forward to the end of the day and my movers showed up and finished the move in 45 mins to 1 hour. I signed a contract for 2 hours and the movers also stopped the clock at that time and told the office I should only be charged 2 hours. They then called the office to close out the service and the office magically tacked on 3.5 hours. Because this was the end of the day the movers themselves told me that they have attempted to extort every young female that was moving into the city that day and these poor girls (including me) spend 1+ hours arguing on the phone. I spent close to 2 hours in the middle of my new neighborhood's street arguing on the phone with this schmuck and I eventually ended the convo by telling them if they overcharged me that I will take them to the local news, Boston PD, The State House.

TIP FOR WHEN YOU ARE BEING EXTORTED: 1. Know your rights beforehand and what you are agreeing to in a contract-this helped me a ton as I waited for my movers to violate the contract before I held them accountable and complained, 2. always yelp and BBB a company before signing any contract--I only wish I read the yelp reviews before getting involved. I got this company through a friend that had a pleasent experience, but for the most part things were horrific for young ladies trying to move, 3. if you are threatened call the police, 4. always followup with your credit card company (I called Amex and state that this was a fraudulent charge. Amex for now has suspended the charge as it is being disputed with the company.) 5. follow all the proper protocols/documentations such as filing a complaint with the BBB ( and the local government ( I took these to the State House/Martha Coakley's office. 6. If necessary file a formal complaint with the police and other government authorities. 7. As always, Yelp!

Thus I've chosen today's song since I've been fined by MF. Stay tuned for my moveout #2 encore and the problems I'm encountering with one new potential place. 

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