Saturday, September 29, 2012

Five more things to know about me/wish me g'luck on my moving encore

James Blunt "Dangerous"

Tomorrow is my moving day encore for me. Wish me luck.

5 more things to know about me!

(1) I never want to stop being a nice person.
(2) I know how to weave. On a real loom. These are the looms I learned on at Cranbrook (fun fact: the weaving studio at Kingswood is the largest in the country):

(3) A part of me is a little incomplete now that I don't get to practice piano here.
(4) I really like painting and wish I had the time to further hone that skill. I've been painting as a child (acrylics on canvas) and I love it. 
(5) I'm a textbook histrionic. (


  1. As a partial observer - About #1 I think we all know that. #2 and #3 - Are they really that different, or are you substituting? #4 Please allow your inner artist out more. #5 - Relax and catch your breath before you start yelling at me. Yours, Tony

    1. Benedict! Yay! I'm thrilled you read my blog and hope you find it somewhat entertaining. Hope everything's going well! I should be home at some point before the year is over. Take care!