Friday, September 28, 2012

What is it that we really need?

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This week has proven to be a battle once again, but I've really stopped to think about what is it that I really need to sustain myself and persist as a functional being and what in my life is just adding to the endless frivolity we call self-indulgence. I hope this urges my readers to at least lend a fragment of consideration to what they really need in their life and what in their life is just kitsch.

(1) A place. A sacred/clean/hygenic space. Whatever it's labeled, I have not had a stable environment to return to for a very long time. As a result, this has thrown all sorts of other things in my life off-kilter. My study space, my meal plans, my exercise routine, my sleep schedule, and even my usually full social life.

(2) A routine or schedule. Even if it shifts day-to-day, it's important for me to have a schedule and stick to it. Not having a solid placed to stay where all my books and items are in order has also placed a strain on being able to sustain a schedule.

(3) People. I find I get super-bummed if I'm not surrounded by people or hanging out with people. I'm a social creature that thrives on interaction with others. I'm not the only one though. I read an article a few weeks back from my favorite blog (a nytimes philosphy blog) which discusses the importance of human interaction in defining one's identity and consciousness and how individuals living in solitary confinement in prison become plagued with psychological issues. Fascinating! I think isolation or lack of interaction affects some more than others, but obviously solitary confinement is the worst.

(4) Daily workouts. This can make or break my sleep patterns and mood and energy level.

(5) Looking after. Whether by nanny, life coach, or husband it is clear with the way I've handled my real estate issues that a solid second opinion is in firm order to hold me back from making my irrational and decisive decisions. While no one has gotten hurt in these experiences, a lot of money has gone out the window and I've just been stressed and when I'm stressed I don't eat. So there are snowball effects. I think having someone who looks out for me is very important for my well-being, but unfortunately my current circumstances don't permit that. Until then, I have my crystals and my psychic.

(6) A creative outlet. I am crafty and artistic and I like making collages and paintings and playing piano. When these parts of my life are stripped from me I tend to wander aimlessly or become fidgety. Here is a picture of my most recent painting from Paint Nite. While not my best work, I still think it's somewhat pleasant.

(7) The Challenge. What is life without the challenge to better ourselves in every avenue? What motivates us to move forward and help others then? I think a lot of us can realize that having a certain challenge to propel ourselves forward is the key to not only self-improvement but also the eternal motivator.

(8) Freedom. I grew up in a wildly liberal household where I was basically allowed to do whatever I wanted (within reason.) To compensate in this world of rules, I now try to fill my life with people who at least either understand or support my ridiculous plans/activities or offer sound advice on when to act differently in an appropriate and non-patronizing tone.

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