Sunday, October 28, 2012

This week's lessons learned

Wiz Khalifa "Work Hard Play Hard"

(1) Stay SAFE
(2) Aim to be healthy
(3) I really need to watch the news/weather more or at least get a weather app. I almost missed this hurricane if it wasn't for the kind people in my building.
(4) Get pumped
(5) Nothing is fun until you're good at it. Nothing is more fun until you're good at something hard or that you once sucked at. Nothing is most fun until you're an expert at what was once hard for you.
(6) We are what we repeatedly do. 10,000 hours--I do believe it. If that doesn't work, then do 20,000, then 30,000.
(7) It's always a choice to NOT to take the easy way out.
(8) I'm in the midst of trying to conquer myself.
(9) Along the same lines, I employ a lot of people to fix my life.
(10) Per the coast guard, Semper Paratus

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