Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom and Love and other things

Once Again The Lumineers "Stubborn Love"

(1) Whilst browsing through iTunes I came across Wes Anderson's  most recent film Moonrise Kingdom. I guess this was released for rent earlier this month (and evidently I somehow missed the theatrical release earlier this year.) Now I don't recall the last time I've watched a film, probably almost 2 years (and it's been more like 5 years since I've been to a movie theatre.) I might stick out the 90 minutes for this one because I find Wes Anderson to be a cinematic genius for a number of reasons: his choice of retro style, outlandishly crazy/compulsive characters who proceed as normal throughout the films, his portrayal of dysfunction within a family unit, the dry humor, and of course his use of imagery. Here's the trailer of this film which I find darling.

(2) After watching this trailer I couldn't help but stop and ponder about some aspects of love that I think are just forgotten these days. I love that this film brings back the art of letter writing. I think part of why I adore the idea of letter writing is that it is so much more personal than an email. Now if only I can find a pen-pal. Secondly, I'd like to refer back to a previous post of mine that talked about vulnerability's role in clicking with another individual. The article I posted also referenced a questionnaire that was given to accelerate the level two daters connect. The questions are very interesting:

(3) Anyway, naturally I've progressed to pondering about the concept of love and how it makes its wicked way into our world in unexpected places. Of course it's prevalent in music and other art forms but I often consider how love is everywhere. Obviously I love medicine, but a lot of the philosophy literature I read is soaked in visions of the philosopher's love for thinking. Lastly, I noted in an earlier post that I've finished my book. (Obviously that is until I read it again and completely change it seeing as I'm constantly editing my work and as I think Marquez said it best that you never stop editing your work, it just gets published.) At any rate the only reason I mention this is that I think my book of poems has emerged from my encounters of love's dark side in many ways. I have purchased my Writer's Market and now am hoping I find a publisher. I give myself 8 months...wish me luck (or better yet hook me up with a publisher.)

(4) Before I end this post, I'd like to lament for ten seconds that today is my half birthday. Ughh twenty-six and one half is flipping old.

(5) I ramble on about all kinds of negative things on here so instead I wanted to end this post by sharing a random act of kindness I encountered today on my way home. I was pulling out my keys from my pocket in front of my building when my eye drops fell out of my pocket. I adjusted my items (phone and keys and things) before considering bending down but in the mean time a nice gentleman wearing a pinstriped suit must've seen me drop them and bent down before me to pick them up. I think, especially on the east coast, it's been rare for me to find individuals who are just kind people. I'm not naive to think that life was going to be like Sesame Street when I grew up, but I do believe in others and society and I do think everyone has the capacity to just be kind. Hopefully this encourages anyone reading this to pursue a random act of kindness to a stranger on the street.

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