Sunday, October 21, 2012

7 Things I want to see/do in life/ GO TIGERS!

Mariah Carey "Triumphant"

Obviously the thing I want to do in my daily life is be a practicing doctor, but beyond that here are six natural landmarks or things in nature I want to see or do in my life. Hope this encourages you all to think about what you'd like to see in nature too!

(1) Aurora Borealis--also known as the northern lights (OR aurora australis -the Southern lights.) See how pretty they are!

(2) The Great Barrier Reefs in Australia-This should come at no surprise since I adore all things aquatic. I think I once read that if you touch a coral it dies. Hmm...

(3) Whale watching in the Atlantic and hopefully a sighting of the elusive humpback whale or better yet a Blue Whale (the largest animal!)

(4) A Safari during the largest land migration in Sub-Saharan Africa. Apparently millions of large land animals migrate towards food/water. Now I don't just want to go on a lame jeep tour. I want to do one of those adventures where you sleep in cabins in the middle of Sahara and the Lions and Cheetahs walk around your cabin and scratch on your doors in the middle of the night. Adventure? I think so!

(5) Caves- ok I know i'll have to overcome my fear of small animals (i.e. bats) and insects but I really want to see the stalactites ever since I was 8 and received a book from my teacher on Caves.

(6) Hold a Panda in a Chinese Panda Sanctuary. This goes hand-in-hand with holding the Koala at a Koala sanctuary. Anyone who knew me between the ages of 6-8 knows that I was obsessed with Pandas to the point where I'd memorize facts and make presentations to my parents about this animal.
(7) Climb some sort of mountain. I always talk about how it's important to me to push myself physically and aside from getting in shape to do this, I think the experience itself would be amazing. Now I will be realistic and not try to do something ridiculous, but there's these luxury hiking tours from Abercrombie & Kent where other people carry your packs and food and you stay at nice hostels along the trail. 

Lastly, yay to the Detroit Tigers for beating out the Yankees 8-1 and making it to the World Series! Detroit seriously needs a win, let's hope this is one for the books!

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