Thursday, October 25, 2012

Other Blogs of interest

Something fun today! Cobra Starship-"You make me feel"

 For some time now I've been wanting to link to other blogs I read frequently so here goes:

(1) The Stone (NYTimes)
-This is my favorite blog as it is a forum where modern philosophers share, explain, and express philosophical ideals in a contemporary context.

(2) Get better at being a human:
-I don't think I realized the power of blogging or even its impact until I started reading this. I came across it through stumbleupon ( and have been hooked ever since.

Alongside this is Barking up the wrong tree:
-I just read lots of interesting and informative things on here (see some of my previous posts.)

(3) Health Blogs: hard to choose but I love all of these: WSJ health blog and NEJM's physician blog
and another blog from NEJM from some current residents

(4) Frontline of leadership from HBR:
-I used to read this when working on that end of things and I just found the posts to be very enlightening on the parallels of leadership in the corporate world and leadership in the military.

(5) Hotties on the T:
-This blog is just pure genius. 'Nuff said.

(6) This last one is from one of my posts a few weeks ago where I mentioned reading a profound blog post, so here is that blog:  I urge my readers to read this because Colin is a super talented writer.

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