Saturday, May 4, 2013


Nicki Minaj Lil Wayne-High School

(1) A patch test is one of the most annoying things ever...another 48 hours to go :-/ and this little lady is miserable.
(2) Anyone else love these massmutual commericals?
(3) Exposure part two still does not desensitize, but I might have found a way to subdue...although my third house mouse sighting is still just as annoying and the first one.
(4) Whatever happened to attention to detail? On top of the patch test, even more annoying is when things are rearranged. grrrrrr
(5) If I haven't already expressed my disdain for brokers...seriously? yuppies that charge me money for apartments I find myself? I cannot think of a group of individuals that contribute less to society.
(6) Irritants and allergies are different (but may present the same symptomatically.)
(7) Is anyone else obsessed with Downton Abbey AND Doctor Who (the new ones)?
(8) Some really good TED talks:
- On Image I take this one to heart because I'm often the recipient of misjudgements based on whatever image I apparently exude.
-In reference to my other post (see here) my former boss Dave recommended this very eye opening TED talk from Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs Extremely interesting/humbling not only factually but also philosophically.
- The Art of Asking This one is very interesting just to watch--Amanda Palmer is an engaging, theatrical speaker.
- Sheryl Sandberg on Women leaders in industry
- Super Interesting on alternative approaches to therapeutics for mood disorders
- Atul Gawande-How to heal medicine Read the book on this (Checklist Manifesto) which is a good read and I've seen it widely used in engineering/industry so I kind of wonder why it isn't used in high precision/high failure theatres like the OR.

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