Saturday, May 18, 2013

1 Year Anniversary of Swimming At Sea!

Oh My ears and whiskers I can't believe a year has flown by!

I am thankful to all my readers that keep up with the many eclectic topics I cover on this blog. Those of you who have been reading from the start know that I initially started the blog as a nice past-time last summer and means to document my aquatic adventures through aquatic mediums like Jacques Cousteau and Jules Verne provided us many years ago. Suffice to say I never I went sailing last summer, but who knows what this summer might bring!

Throughout the year this blog has transformed into something a bit different. Maritime adventures has tagged along as I journey through my transition into the medical profession. I've posted many tid-bits about topics that interest me deeply and have tried to collect the major themes in my labels section. I'm glad you all have enjoyed my thoughts so far and I've come to realize that my blog has served as more of a dialectic than anything else. I'm grateful it has given me a forum to voice my thoughts, opinions, and interests considering I don't participate in social media. While I develop and broaden my views and experience life I hope the upcoming year enables me to continue writing and bringing relevant and interesting topics to the forefront. Strap on your flippers and here's to a great start of year deux of Swimming at Sea!

-Swimming At Sea