Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Etiquette Wednesday: Gym Etiquette

While I really do love my gym--it's small, clean, and unlike most Boston gyms it's not in the basement and overlooks a big street so the view is quite nice, but there's some things I hope everyone (no matter where they choose to be fit) keeps in mind.

First off, standing around and taking up space in a small locker room to text is super annoying. Especially if there are other people changing and such. I don't understand why people linger around in the locker room and text. I'm sorry, but none of us are texting people that important that it can't wait to take 2 mins and go outside the gym in open space. (It's not like they're texting Barack Obama right?) Secondly, although I don't think I've ever noticed anyone do this at my gym, I'm sure people do and I just don't notice but please wipe down the machine after using it. Courtesy people! Luckily my gym has a no phone-call policy on the floor, but if it's absolutely necessary for you to gab on your phone at the gym please just go outside and do it. Be kind to the people who work at the front desk. I always see folks just walk by and not even say hi. For me, the worst thing to do so someone is to ignore and not acknowledge their existence. At least say hello and goodbye, you see them everyday and it doesn't hurt! Lastly, if your gym gives out towels the least you can do is put them in the dispensary when your done with them. I find it rude that some people just leave them on the floor or in the locker room. Whatever happened to respect communal spaces?

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