Saturday, March 23, 2013

This Week's Lessons Learned

(1) Be careful of what you say, what you talk about, how you say things, and who you say things to (i.e. choosing your words carefully is an art.)
(2) "There's always someone watching."
(3) I discovered I have a soft-spot for animals that I never realized I had. (Exhibited by seeing some monkeys this week.)
 *I guess I don't want to be an elephant after all. Human seems like the best species 
(4) Watching Planet Earth before bedtime is not relaxing; it's quite stressful for me to watch a baby wild calf being chased by a wolf or a baby elephant getting separated from its mum and walking the opposite direction of the migration.
(5) Writing letters to yourself might just be the best idea I've heard of all week. Thank you MB. "It's time to GO!"
(6) Creatively approaching life problems is extremely beneficial.
(7) Mrs. Mouse has appeared and I am NOT happy
(8) Fencing, here I come (along with polo, croquet, snorkeling, rock climbing, and of course the long-awaited sailing)
(9) Punxsutawney Phil, you've let me down!
(10) Ask questions.
(11) "Our physical lifespan is but a short speck of our existence in the universe"
(12) Accepting criticism with grace is a virtue.

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