Thursday, March 21, 2013

Medical Musings

*No spring today :-/

(1) whew. Heavy narrative on cancer

(2) I really ought to include more ortho stuff on here. Interesting semi-novel approach to hip surgery:

(3) On Alzheimers drugs:
Not sure if I agree with this though. Isn't it more important to illustrate evidence of improvement before approving a drug's use? 

(4) Saw this awesome (and eye-opening) documentary reg. Healthcare in America.
*Please please please watch the doc if you can. Interesting factoid: the United States spend among the highest on healthcare yet the US is not even in the top 25 of healthy countries (in fact it is the lowest of all western nations.)
(5) My campaign against smoking starts now. This Op-Ed piece from NYTimes conveys my sentiments on this issue perfectly:
First order of business: letter to Mayor Menino. 

(6) Bah humbug on not passing the soda size ban

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