Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Etiquette Wednesday: Texting

Texting while someone else is talking is extremely rude.

We all have a million plus one activities to do, but it is rude to text while trying to have an in-person conversation with someone else. This actually doesn't happen to me (I'm just lucky I'm surrounded by mindful people.) It is a sign of disrespect and disengagement. It indicates an inability for one to be in the present moment with a live human being as opposed to the text message box of a person that isn't in front of them (practice mindfulness!)

Our generation is deeply embedded in sustaining relationships/friendships through all the great ways of social media (facebook, twitter, etc...) but sometimes we forget the importance of human interaction and what it really means to have a real relationship/friendship with someone. By dwindling our relationships to profile pages and chat boxes we sell ourselves short of having a genuine relationship where we feel empathy and excitement with one another. It's hard to really do so when you can't see another human being's facial expression or hear the inflections in their voice over the internet or SMS. As much as social media and the internet may connect us, it also makes us more disposable to each other. In essence, we lose civility towards one another. Anyway, just remember to please be kind.

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