Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Etiquette Wednesday: Supermarket Etiquette

Today's post will be on supermarket etiquette. A lot of this is based on my grocery experiences in Boston than other places mainly because the area of most stores are much much smaller but the population is much much larger than the Midwest.
First off, if you insist on having a phone conversation please courteously choose a spot that is not in the center of a main walkway where walking traffic must navigate around you. We have no interest in listening to you gab on the phone, please take that elsewhere or go outside. Secondly, when in line, it is not, I repeat not necessary for you to stand uncomfortably close to the person ahead of you. This goes for food lines and check out lines. There's something about a supermarket line (and the TSA security lines at the airport) where people are always physically tailgating with their carts (or luggage) and I just do not understand it. If you are insistent on texting and walking same goes for talking on the phone, please stay out of main walkways. Nothing is more annoying when you're in a rush and there's a slow-poke attempting to text and walk and you're unable to pass them because the walking path is so small and people are walking in the opposite direction too. Lastly, if you are coughing and sick and such please be courteous and civil enough to not cough around the open prepared food. Not only is it rude, it's also a public health concern too. Please be kind and Mindful!

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