Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Etiquette Wednesdays

Greetings Bostonians and those reading from abroad (my Russian fans etc...)

After some consideration about #7 from last week's musings (see here) it has become glaringly apparent that the art of social/civic etiquette seems to be lost on my generation. What happened to the days of gentlemen opening doors and allowing women to board trains/elevators/buildings first? I sense that Emily Post is turning in her grave each time an old lady with a cane is forced to stand on the T because some able-bodied 20-something schmuck is sitting in the designated Priority Seat. Thus, I have decided to start a segment called Etiquette Wednesdays where I'll throw some nice tips up for those who read to consider employing in their daily life (if they do not do so already.) There is also a great podcast from the Modern Manners Guy that I used to listen to--check it out!

Tip #1 (from last week): It is in extremely poor taste to ever as a lady her age. (The only circumstance I can think of where one might not be offensive is if the man is elderly 80+ and the lady is much much younger. In that case it goes without saying why an age clarification is necessary.)

NB: I must clarify that not everyone in my age group is poorly mannered. Most of the kids I grew up with were extremely well-mannered back in the day (I can't speak for their behaviour now though...)

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