Sunday, December 9, 2012

You Can't Amend Love/Happy Hannukah!

Once again (and appropriately so) Christina Aguilera-Let there be love

First off Happy Hannukah

I want to spend a minute and reflect on the importance of the Supreme Court's decision to hear two cases on the ban of same-sex marriage. ( Regardless of whether people believe in marriage or not or believe in same-sex marriage or not I think the heart of these cases is about love and whether the State (and Federal) governement recognizes that love does not discriminate against the gay or straight or rich or poor or colored or non-colored or religious or non-religious. Love just is what it is.

At Michigan I participated in a protest after Proposal 8 was overturned (Prop 8 had formerly allowed same-sex marriage in California, but after the Prop 8 ballot initiative was overturned it denied many same-sex couples the right to marry.) This is one of the cases being heard by the Supreme Court ( The photo above is a picture of my poster for the protest.

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