Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This Week's Lessons Learned (thus far)

Some more Ed Sheeran! This guy is awesome

OK, Despite being only Tuesday I've got some stuff to share:

(1) Examine your life always.
(2) Examine your life always.
(3) Collective Angst.
(4) Oxytocin can actually alleviate the impact of stress on the cardiovascular system (literature provided upon request.)
(5) Those poor Connecticut babies :o(
(6) No matter how cranky I am upon hanging up the phone on my dad...always, always, always just call back 10 mins later.
(7) Xtina Aguilera cannot view EVERYONE's facebook profile, you have to accept her as a friend first (ok I knew this, but I imparted this gem of wisdom onto my dad during my phone-call back.)
(8) I know absolutely nothing about managing finances and I desperately need to read some books.
(9) NEVER GIVE UP: http://www.limitless365.com/2012/11/30/never-give-up/

That's it for now!

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