Thursday, December 6, 2012


L. Gaga-Monster

So I'm posting some musings from this week since these items don't really fall under lessons learned or 5 things to know about me. Moderately uneventful week though, but extremely productive nonetheless.

(1) Something's amiss today: I not only admired a tiny dog shoved down someone's coat on T and I also just now helped a small child who was playing in between the elevator doors while his dad left him and his little sister unattended. Children and small seems I'm on my way towards some progress in life.

(2) On that note, I found out from my allergy test yesterday that I'm allergic to Oak trees, ragweed, all types of mold, cats and dogs, and some other stuff I can't remember. This makes sense now and hopefully I'm on my way to better health!

(3) I'm glad to hear that Anderson Cooper is doing well after his stint with temporary blindness due to UV rays reflecting off the water and causing retinal sunburn:

Now I have an alternate purpose besides fashion for wearing my shades even in the winter.

(4) In interesting/sad news here's a story of a man who was pushed off a subway platform in NYC and ultimately killed:

Obviously the photos taken are despicable when the man should've been helped, but I also can't help but consider my T experiences. First off I am incredibly thankful for the MBTA and that because of the T I don't have to drive and I'm a much better person not driving. I don't like that I'm almost always shoved out of the way at park street and I do get concerned sometimes that I might get thrown off the stairs since people are always in such a rush. It's really mainly park street where this is a huge problem since the other redline stops are not so terribly crowded in comparison, but I wish sometimes people would be a little more considerate since we do have to share the T/T station.

(5) While I'm no fan of cats, for some reason this picture of Colonel Meow just gets me cracking up:

(6) Lastly, much to my dismay and due to my ignorance of bird migratory patterns I have recently been informed that those pigeons that I'm terrified of will not be leaving for winter so I will have to somehow learn how to deal with them. Sigh...

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