Thursday, December 13, 2012

This week's lessons learned

I love the 90s! Collective Soul-The world I know!

(1) Happiness can come in unexpected places.
(2) Ignore the chatter. There are a million plus one people out there who will try to give you unsolicted advice. Most oftentimes it's inaccurate, uninformed, or unsuitable. IGNORE IT.
(3) If at first you don't succeed, try try again and again and again.
(4) Always always always be nice and kind.
(5) Obesity is a very serious health disorder that is extremely misunderstood.
(6) It's pick it up
(7) my quest is to make the world better through medicine. Things I do on the side or during my fits of highs and lows are just that...appreciate talents for what they are and don't attempt to make everything a priority in life. Sometimes, some things are better left in the background to pull out or rely on in times of agony or even in times of glory. Not everything is meant to define you indefinitely.
(8) "Nothing worth having comes easy." Per the asian way of parenting, nothing is fun until you're good at it. Despite what's known as "innate talent" on this side of the world, in eastern countries it's believed that all individuals really have the ability to achieve anything as long as they try hard enough and are dedicated long enough (barring any serious physical disability.) I've experienced this and am experiencing this first-hand. People who believe otherwise have never actually pushed themselves to succeed in something they weren't good at naturally.
(9)  Ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerunt?
(10) Et, Où sont les neiges d'antan!
(11) "Don’t be put off from your past failures. Welcome them, and then destroy them."

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