Sunday, December 2, 2012

5 more things

Calvin Harris/Nicky Romero-Iron

(1) I really do LOVE the tinsel during the holiday season. Festive decorations put me in a better mood. Here are some I took last night of the lights of the Commons/State House!  Stupid iphone camera is so blurry at night.

State House and Holiday Lights

Boston Common lighted Christmas Tree (as seen from a distance)

Boston Common Lights as seen from my roof!

(2) My week was filled with impulsive decisions which now make me excited about stuff again.

(3)  I read 4 books during thanksgiving. I'm quite proud of that :o)

(4) I really do love hot chocolate. Even if I don't make it right and it turns out in 3 different phases:

Mexican Hot Choco from the MGH gift shop...3 phases and yet still scrumptious

(5)  I have to force myself to go to bed everyday. Life is just so invigorating for me that I never seem to want to turn off the lights or the mind. gruff!

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