Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Sugar Series: Daily intake

Greetings fare readers! I drafted this a while back, but thought it important to post as we enter swimsuit season and seek to get our summer bods back in business. Here's some info on sugar intake. This is a subject I find important since the use of sugar in food products is virtually unregulated. I'll preface this post by re-posting an important Times article that summarize some of the issues with sugar.

(1) Here are some answers to FAQs regarding sugar from the AHA
I was curious what the recommended upper limit for sugar intake was and it appears to be about 6tsp for women which equates to about 24g. Looks like my choco nut butter I sometimes consumes take up a good portion of that so I must be ware!

(2) I reverted back to my old research lab days where I used to play with chemicals and I recall how much a few 6 of something used to be and it seemed like quite a lot. Thus I found this as a comparison of how much 10g of sugar looks like. Just think about how much sugar is in stuff like soda!

(3) Buyer's beware! there really is sugar in everything! Well added sugar is what we are worried about, so check out this list to see if things you buy might contain sugar you're not aware of!
 -if making my own spaghetti sauce wasn't so time consuming I wouldn't be opting for the bottled version. Luckily Arabiatta sauce from Mezzetta's has only 3g or try Rao's Arabitatta which only has 4g- I assume the sugar is from the tomatoes since sugar is not listed in the ingredients.

There was a time in the past when I used to drink tons of vitamin water, eat those yummy flavored yoplaits in the morning, supplement with hot cocoa in the afternoons, snack on lucky charms and pudding cups and snack packs and make wonderful prepared muffins. I can't say I will never eat any of those things any more...once in a blue moon (I'd say ~every 8 months or so) I'll crave something I used to eat in the past and of course seasonally I'll pick up a hot cocoa. But I'll only buy one and not stock up. Once I'm done I no longer feel compelled to replenish and make that item a staple on my grocery list...I've moved on to much better! 

(4) I found this website on daily intake of all hot ticket items to watch (salt, sugar, fat,) very informative! I think the best rule of thumb for grocery shopping is stick to the perimeter. Most everything in the aisles that make up a good 70% of the area of a grocery store is filled with packaged foods. Typically fresh fruits, veggies, and meats and dairy are located in the perimeter and these grocery stores are designed to force you to go through aisles and grab a bunch of nonsense when all you might really need is milk which is almost always located in the far back.

(5) Here's info on the USDA sugar intake guidelines.

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