Sunday, February 9, 2014

Some Lessons again!

Icona Pop-We Can do this all night

(1) Be Unmessable. (a lesson from yoga!)

(2) The only place where growth lies is in discomfort. Just when you think you cannot take anymore, clench your teeth and press on a little harder.

(3) On that note, some people will assume they automatically have the right to personal information about your life, career, etc...It's your job to set your own boundaries.

I've already posted this twice, but I wanted to post it again to give further emphasis to acknowledge that gender bias is oftentimes extremely subtle; it can range from simple patronization and belittling language, to the purposeful exclusion of women from professional enhancement opportunities or even meetings, to the simple overpowering in a conversation setting or subconscious body language interplay. In no way am I saying these instances are intentional. It's just the dynamic that develops between any two individuals or groups of individuals where one is subordinate and the other assumes a superior role. (this is actually extremely common in communal primate settings)  

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