Saturday, February 8, 2014

Five things to know!


Haven't done my 5 things to know about me in a while, so here are 5 more!

(1) I am a believer in people and even more so in ideas.
(2) I do not like smores. I do not understand why a graham cracker, chocolate, and a marshmallow must be combined in a sticky, hot mess. I guess any three alone are acceptable (although they are all crazy sugary items so I really don't approve of graham crackers and marshmallows but I love chocolate so dark choco should be good alone.)
(3) I am not bothered by gloomy weather at all. Some people, nay, many people, do not like rainy cloudy weather. For some odd reason, I prefer it!
(4) I cannot dance. For some reason, despite having some musical ability, I cannot combine music into a rhythmic body movements and dance.
(5) I was 5 years old when I lost my first tooth. I was also squeaky clean back then too and tried to scrub the tooth for the tooth fairy so she'd have a clean tooth when she took it that evening. Upon scrubbing the tooth, my very first tooth fell down the drain.

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