Friday, February 7, 2014

Medical Musings from this week!

Lana Del Ray-Summertime Sadness Remix

First off, GO TEAM USA at Sochi!!!  Getting excited for the Olympics--beautiful opening ceremony per usual...let the games begin! I love the Olympics. For some reason I'm always extra motivated when they come around. Plus Iove watching the fanfare of the opening ceremony. How wonderful for the world to unite on one stage!

(1) Another reason sugar is awful: it increases risk of cardiovascular disease. The numbers are truly astounding.
-A word about the article's comments section. Yes, one can do everything right and still drop dead before 50. There is obviously a genetic component when it comes to health that predisposes individuals to certain diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and CV disease; however, there are still many aspects of our health that we have control over. Even if we one has all the genes that cause diseases, they can make sure they don't develop the diseases faster than their normal progression. These include not smoking, limiting sugar intake, and the most important being exercise and diet. Articles like these are not meant to generate paranoia, but rather serve to inspire and empower us to take whatever control over our health we can in order to be responsible for ourselves.

(2) On that note, I am thrilled to see that CVS will no longer be selling tobacco products. What a beautiful example of a corporation playing its part for the greater good of our communities.

(3) Once again the Supreme Court will be deciding on a number cases that directly affect womens' health.
(also a very interesting article.)

(4) Misinformed: Many news outlets have been decrying the Affordable Care Act as a recent report was released indicating decreases in labor. Please read this to really understand the difference between unemployment and the willful step-back in hours.

(5) All hail Netter! (for making very pretty anatomy pictures so the rest of us know where things are in color.)

(6) Very interesting quiz on twins where one smoked and the other didn't as long or didn't at all. Who looks older?

(7) Sometimes (rarely) metal on metal implants can cause Cobalt toxicity due to implant erosion. This is not something that is common but can cause severe complications in patients. I love these papers (here and here) mainly since both papers figured out what was wrong with the patient. Something to consider as a physician is that sometimes it's not the most obvious. Medicine is sometimes about good detective work and thinking outside the box. (Apparently watching medical dramas helps too.) 

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