Friday, June 22, 2012

This week's lesson's learned

Listen To: Smashing Pumpkins "Violet Rays"

I learned a lot this week about life and myself that I want to share:

(1) I am the decider. 
Retraction to previous statement 6/28/12: After giving this some more thought, I don't necessarily believe this to be true. I have strongly set beliefs in fatalism and they've developed as such from unfortunate events in my life that I cannot explain. Thinking that I decide things is the height of hubris because my existence is not the decider of the universe. In fact, I believe this to be the other way around. I do, however, take ownership of the conscious decisions I make, but I am well aware that the facets of life that are subject to my decision-making are limited by the fates. (More on this later.)

(2) I am free and I love it. I love looking at this world as a sea of endless possibilities. Life is infintely more fun that way. Live your life free and it will be much more exciting than you can ever imagine.

(3) There is a fine line between being too nice and being a schmuck. I've learned that I have limits on how and with whom I spend my time with. Being nice to avoid hurting someone's feelings can only get me so far until I realize my time is so limited and I want to spend it with people who are fun and intellectually challenging.

(4) After all these years I still love the Smashing Pumpkins.

(5) It's ok to go on adventures after studying MCAT for 4 and sometimes 8 hours a day.

(6) I do not follow social norms. I love getting to know random strangers and befriending them. Life is way more exciting when you share the excitement of the moment with someone. I strive to do that by meeting people everywhere I go and learning from them along the way.

(7) Splurging on choco cake is totally ok after studying for so many hours.

(8) I get super excited when flowers are about to bloom. My new summer blooms are coming and I simply cannot wait to wake up to them!

(9) A lifetime gym membership means nothing in this world. I find this emblematic of our society's culture (50% divorce!) Even when there is a bound contract for life it really only means temporary. Gruff.

(10) Act like you know where you are going and you will get to where you belong. Don't lie about who you are on the way, but being forthright, bold, and adventurous will get you places.

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