Friday, June 1, 2012

Beach Fun

This past memorial weekend I spent an exquisite few days in Cape Cod. This was my first trip to the Cape and the weather was amazing. I spent quite a bit of time at the beach including an entire evening in a (failed) attempt to view the sunrise. Here's a picture:

Of course it wouldn't be an adventure if I didn't learn something. In order to see a proper beach sunrise it is imperative to:
1. check the weather before departing on an evening adventure (it was way too foggy/cloudy to actually see the sunrise)
2. wear socks
3. make sure the beach is facing east
4. bring snacks and a blanket (sustenance is key since the beach is chilly at night and also helpful for staying awake)
5. bring a dry towel
6. do not freeze up when questioned by cape police as to where we're going at 3am
7. enthusiastically declaring your plans to view the sunrise at the beach is an acceptable reason to give the police as to why a group of non-shady looking individuals are wandering the streets at 3am.

A special thanks to all my new companions for a lovely weekend!

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