Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Pleasantries

Greetings and Happy New Year! 

(1) Above is a nice rendition of me playing Jingle Bell Rock on Christmas on my piano back in michigan. There's still mistakes (even after playing this 3+ hours) and everything is forte (even the piano and mp parts) but I'm just glad I could at least throw a coherent piece together after not having played in over a year (muscle memory prevails!) so enjoy one last holiday tune! (this took way too much time to make but I'm glad I think this video works!)

(2) Some quick thoughts from the past year: First off I'm incredibly glad and lucky that I moved to Boston. As a child I've always wanted to live here so it's amazing that I'm finally here. I do love this city. Secondly, I'm incredibly thankful for my friends here (esp PK and AL--thanks for a fabulous NYE!!), my family (and extended family), and everyone else in my life that looks out for me despite distance/time. Everyone is unique in their own way and has their own role in my life and I'm the better for it. Thirdly, I'm glad I decided to take control of my life again. The evening of Hurricane Sandy with PK planning on how to fix our lives was epic and rebuilt me. I also consider myself very lucky to be in my post-bacc, to work in my lab, and the experience of studying for the MCAT. Each endeavor has undoubtedly made me better as a student and a person and enhanced my insight on becoming a doctor. Lastly, thanks so much to all my readers, thanks to the fine gents of Hotties on the T for enjoying my blog and exposing it new readers and, of course, continuing to entertain me whilst on the T, and special thanks to the blog that inspired me to start my own blog: PK's Blog http://one-thing-today.blogspot.com/

2 Big lists:

(3) OK, resolutions which I already started mid-december so they're in full-gear by now (I don't wait for a calendar to tell me when to start resolving my life) here goes:
1. Have an undefeated mind and conquer pain.
2. Stability
3. Stop impulse purchasing (to the best of my ability during hypomania).
4. No excuses, no exceptions. Always play like a champion. 
5. Deliberate practice. Everyday.
6. Care
7. Remove/minimize encounter with life toxins
8. Improve cholesterol to "best" range for LDL and improve vitamin D levels to well within the range.
9. Resolve
10. Resilience: Fall Down Seven times, Get up eight
11. Grit
12. Diet: Minimize sugar intake. Sugar is a killer. Eat fresh things and eat 3 meals per day.

(4) Also, here are some nice lessons learned from my previous posts from 2012 and some randoms mixed in:
1. Resolve to be better/never stop trying to get better.
2. When we love we always strive to become better than we are. --The Alchemist
3. Find a way to make your life work.
4. Per Epictetus (famous Stoic) suck it up, move beyond misery, keep fighting.
5. Greatness is a process.
6. Love all things and people greatly
7. Keep Calm and Carry On
8. Always always always be nice and kind.
9. Ignore the Chatter
10. "Nothing worth having comes easy."
11. Respect your parents, they gave you life and you owe them everything.
12. "Don’t be put off from your past failures. Welcome them, and then destroy them." 
13. You were very impressive in your time here, and that does not just go away.
14. Grit means I have to show up for life every day. 
15. Every day you don't do something to achieve your goals is a day you're getting worse. 
16. Boundaries   
17. Failure is never permanent! 
18. Never underestimate your need for personal space/privacy in a clean living space.
19. Protect yourself/Support yourself. 
20. SAVE

OK whew...

Anyone needing help on their resolutions check out an old HBR post entitled the Betterness Manifesto: http://blogs.hbr.org/haque/2010/05/the_betterness_manifesto.html

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