Sunday, January 13, 2013

Five more things!

Taylor Swift-I Knew You were trouble

I feel like I haven't put one of these up in a while:

(1) I've secretly always wanted a Chia pet. Ch-ch-ch-chia! I wonder what kind of plants these are anyway. Whatever they are, what a great invention.
(2) I don't really like flowers at all except roses and I like to grow orchids because they're non-fragrant. I really really want a Blue Orchid. The one time I ever took the Orange Line I saw some woman with a beautiful blue orchid and I asked her where she purchased it but I couldn't get what she was saying. (I'm sad to report that I think my current orchid has died...darned frosted windows, but I'm still optimistic that I might be able to revive her!)
(3) I love Interview With the Vampire...weirdly I hate horror films but there's something about this one that's dark and intriguing.
(4) The first time I saw The Godfather I was 6. My parents thought this was a classic...I'll never forget the horse head in the bed. Epic.
(5) As a kid I was deeply afraid of blowing my nose in public...I really don't know why, maybe I thought my brains would come out or I might have just had sinus anxiety. :/

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