Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A letter to my most recent visitor: Mr. Mouse

Dear Mr. Mouse

How are you? I'm not doing too well. Today was not great for me. I tore a hole in my nice scarf since it got stuck in my zipper at the gym (see photo), the radiator in my bedroom is leaking and making spooky sounds (as you may already know), and I've been stifled by your unexpected appearance.

I'm sorry you were frightened by my scream, but you have to understand that I did not invite you and I'm really not sure you and I can be friends. We don't have much in common and I just think you'd be happier with your family and friends in The Commons. I know it's cold outside but be tough, I think you can handle it. I've left Mr. Wolf Blitzer on the tele so you will not be entertained and so you are aware that this is my apartment and I'm paying rent, so you must go. I'm hoping you are not offended, but I've only got a few more weeks left until my exam and I don't want your occupation to disrupt my zen. Please understand. Take care and best of luck.



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