Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Some musings from this week

Bruno Mars-Young Girls

(1) Today at lunch we were talking about dogs. Now I don't like animals smaller than me, but I do want a doggie that looks like the one in the photo below. It's an Old English Sheepdog to be exact and I'm fairly confident this bearish figure is probably bigger than me. It's the doggie from the Little Mermaid and apparently they're docile herding dogs that are called the Furry Nanny since they occasionally herd small children. I'm pretty small, so maybe it'll keep track of me too?

(2) This is an interesting article from the Times about anxiety: Actually the whole anxiety forum is very interesting.(

(3) Remember just how difficult it must be for our veterans:
There's a lot of insight on this Times forum and I'm incredibly interested in the medical treatments of injured veterans including trauma (TBI's are the hallmark injury of the Iraq war), orthopaedics, neurology/psychiatry (PTSD etc...) I'm hoping to find a rehab facility for veterans here in Boston where I can volunteer. A Special THANKS to our troops and veterans! Thanks for freedom.

(4) I found this photo randomly (c/o google+):

I have more musings but I have to  stop and do some actual work...

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