Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving/First world problems

Short/satirical SNL skit

First off, Happy Thanksgiving. Despite the fanfare that goes with this holiday, it actually is a good idea to remain thankful for what we have--health, shelter, clean drinking water, heat, safety, a stable government/infrastructure etc...

I've been pondering the subject of first-world problems for a while now and it seems appropriate to post the video link above of a Saturday Night Live skit that tactfully and hilariously illustrates the disparity between living in a first-world country like America versus a third world country. Truly speaking we are ridiculously lucky to live in the free world and those of you who have actually experienced life in a third world country in any manner can attest to the difference in the quality of life between even lower income areas in America and poverty/disease-stricken third world countries. Just some food for thought!

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