Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lessons Learned

Lee Moses-Bad Girl

(1) “If you still believe the same thing you believed 15 years ago, then you're a joke.” -Malcolm Gladwell
(2) Reinvention is so tremendously excruciating and so tremendously rewarding at the same time.
(3) Ennui is the worst.
(4) "Don't worry before you have to worry. Just wait and see."
(5) One day this will all make sense.
(6) I might just be an 80-year old soul in a very small package.
(7) I am tired, but gotta keep on movin'!
(8) I am also so grateful to have someone in my life that understands all the nuance.
(9) Sugar Cookie flavored Tea +Dark Chocolate brownies=scrumptious!

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