Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Today is a wonderful day. I'm enjoying myself today organizing my life, making dark chocolate brownies, and watching Wendy Williams. What more could a gal ask for? Well, on WW she has this thing where you pick a celebrity thanksgiving. Well, here's my list! Who would you have on yours?

(1) Barack and Michelle Obama + Bo Obama. (not so much celebrity as they are political leaders but I would love them over.)

(2) James Franco (I loves me some intellectuals!)

(3) Regis Philbin--I feel like he has the best personality and is so energetic and entertaining. It's impossible to not have a good time when Regis is around.

(4) Jake Gyllenhal--I think he could be friends with Franco, plus he's super hot and entertaining.

(5) Lisa Kudrow--she is ridiculously Hilarious

(6) Julia Louis-Dreyfus--she could be great friends with Lisa Kudrow and I just love her. She is so darn funny.

Have a wonderful Holiday!

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