Sunday, June 22, 2014

Europe Lessons Learned

(1) Climate change is real and if we do not do something to deter the rate at which we are destroying our planet we will be all gone very very soon.

(2) Eating well is very important to me. More important than any luxury or frivolity. You are what you eat!

(3) I'm big in Europe. I mean really big. I think my use of broken french was found to be endearing. Au revoir Geneve! (Clearly this is sarcastic, but lesson learned is that in a foreign country at least try to make an effort to use the language.)

(4) Traveling with different people and big groups of people is very difficult.

(5) Take responsibility to make things happen and get things done. I'm so glad that I avoided the stress of losing my luggage by making sure I got my things on my own.

(6) I'm excited to be a vocal person now. I'm glad I made lots of new buddies at the UN!

(7) WE are so lucky to be living in a country that has a stable infrastructure. Let's do our parts to make sure that we don't destroy this world.

(8) Some people are totally ok with not showering for 2 weeks. I cannot relate to this but had to live with the ramifications of this and it was smelly.

(9) If you want to do something, there is nothing in this world that can stop you. Take ownership of your own future and make it happen!

(10) Having the ability to empathize with people starkly different than me is something I pride myself in and treasure.

(11) Take responsibility for your own happiness!

(12) Paris is and probably always will be my absolute most favorite place in the world. Paris, I will return!

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