Sunday, October 20, 2013

Musings/Lessons learned

Ok, so glad the panda cam is back on air.  My goodness. I can't believe I spent 2 weeks without seeing these little guys. A major life goal of mine is to get a hug from a panda. If you don't think I'm being serious then you clearly have never met me or knew me from age 5-11.

I'll post my last part of medical musings later, this week proved to be eventful for me so I'm going to post some random musings instead.

(1) Wowza...apparently calling 911 doesn't necessarily mean they can get to you on time. They have to be able to access your building and if your landlord hasn't given them access check to make sure they do!!!!!

(2) I have learned a great deal about life by watching Master Chef Junior. I normally don't take well to children. They're usually hyperactive and annoying and I just don't like small things that move. Plus they always try to follow me around since I'm short I can only assume that they think I'm a big kid. I, however, love this show because it's small children acting like adults. Not only is their skill level impeccable, their ability to strategize and be competitive seems right out of The Art of War.

(3) Can we please please please end Group Think???? I do think collaboration has its place in academia and in the workplace and when people come together great things can really happen. What I contest is the endless notion that it's imperative to integrate groupwork into each and every part of the process. People (myself especially) need time to duck down and work on ourselves by ourselves in order to produce things. The only thing I've found is that being in a group early in the process hampers my own ability to excel because I get lost within the group. I'm much better off preparing beforehand, producing, and then coming together to put all the pieces together and trade ideas.

(4) I'll only comment on this briefly, but why is it so hard for people in my generation to take responsibility for their actions? We live in a digital world no doubt, but the more digital we become the more easy it is to file away and dispose of things that are real--friendships and family.

(5) I'm a little ticked today so so bear with me. I'm becoming increasingly irritated with the hypocrisy that infiltrates my generation. We complain about having no money and yet see no issue spending things on frivolities. We claim to be conscientious with  health and yet have no issue with imbibing toxins as if it were water and still claiming that we live a healthy lifestyle. It's one thing when that hypocrisy only affects your own life, but when you bring others into it and affect their lives it's quite another (ie allegedly healthy person running around drinking and driving every weekend.) Are you still an organic person? Hell no and it shows. You can diet and yoga for 1,000 hours afterwards, but you're still not really respecting yourself and your integrity so you can't really elicit respect to others. There's merit to the rural lifestyle I observed in my last trip to India. These people are happy even though they've don't have some things the Western world considers basic necessities. What is most striking is that these people are generous. Without thinking twice, they were over eager to properly feed a guest and offer them gifts. It's ironic when you think about it that sometimes the people with the least often have more to offer.

Lastly, while I'm sad about the Tigers....I must say GO RED SOX!

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