Thursday, October 31, 2013

More Medical Musings!

YAY for the Red Sox winning the World Series!!!

This is a short one, no opinions involved just some good and interesting links to keep ya'll informed:

(1) How do you fix a torn ACL? You can watch it right here as it was tweeted!

(2) For those of you dressing up for Halloween, please avoid the costume contact lenses--your vision will be thanking you! Basically, they're extremely dangerous especially if non-prescriptive and not fitted to your cornea. They can cause corneal abrasions and other injuries that can lead to scarring and vision loss. Just avoid them, especially since they're not even FDA approved.

(3) Don't have time for the gym? The least you can do is spend 7 minutes and follow this quick workout. I've aquired a jump-rope into this on days I don't make it to the gym or yoga. Point is KEEP MOVING!

(4) Just throwing this in there since I don't think I've addressed diabetes much on my blog and want to be clear that I take diabetes extremely seriously considering I am at risk for it (genetically.) The bottom line: if you don't have the time to eat healthy or the will-power to hold back on certain sugary items you will most-likely have to deal with diabetes and it is a chronic life-long illness that will force you to make the changes. Please just make them now, it's much harder the longer you wait. As a future physician I definitely aim to employ lifestyle and preventative measures in my practice to diminish this.

(5) Here's a nice and easy chart that relates fitness activity with your personality type. You'll be much more inclined to partake in physical activities that are suited to your personality and that you find fun!

(6) I'm fascinated by surgery primarily because I see so much engineering involved in it. Here's an interesting piece:
on surgical skill. To follow-up with this, I've posted this before last year but as a reminder we can and should always strive for improvement in all avenues in life: Coaching a Surgeon
For the past year now I've been engaged in the relentless pursuit of how to become an expert in a field. I really don't know what kind of medicine I want to do, but one I do know is that whatever I do I want to be highly specialized and have the opportunity to be innovative.

(7) Lastly, in honor of Halloween find out your fitness age!
Link is from this article on fitness age from the Times.
I'm 24 yay!

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