Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Five more things

Timeflies-I Choose You

Haven't posted any in a while here-goes:

(1) As a child I was obsessed with pandas. I still really really want a panda, but I'll settle for hanging out at a sanctuary.
(2) I wish I knew more about economic theory. Challenge accepted.
(3) I'm fascinated by the human mind. One of the many reasons I want to go into medicine is that I think the human brain is simply amazing and yet so little is known/understood.
(4) As a child I used to ride my tricycle indoors since we didn't want it to get dirty by riding it outside. Riding down my corridor was probably one of my most favorite pastimes.
(5) I really like tents and forts. Also as a kid I loved the idea of having an enclosed space within the house where only I could fit into (I was teeny back then too.) Thus I used to build forts out of boxes and umbrellas just to have my own space. As I write this I realize this might mean I'm territorial--but who isn't?

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