Monday, April 22, 2013

A few more things for Boston/last week's lessons learned

I paused my segments last week out of respect for Boston. Before I start up again, I would like to use my blog as a forum to reflect.

Whew. What a week.  Last week this city, my city, and its people were robbed of many things: Patriot's day, crossing the finish line of a race some trained months to run through, and for some it came down to the loss of limbs or even their lives. I often wonder about the capacity of human nature: we have an exceptional ability to create goodness for all, but some choose an alternate path that is starkly different. I still believe most people are genuinely good, but I am always perplexed and troubled when things like this happen. Last week was proof that Bostonians are resilient. After being here a little over a year here I must say I love Boston and Boston has rightfully shown the guys who did this to "go fahk yourself."

(A little love from my hometown too) 

Onto some lessons learned:
(1) The capacity of a human being to perform acts of good is limitless. Let's work a little harder to employ this a little more.
(2) Resilience 
(3) The best way to start each day is to always ask "how can I be of service to others?"
(4) There are many ways to express grief--none should be judged or even dismissed as apathy.
(5) "Mental toughness is not letting anyone or anything break you"
(6) Sometimes the right thing to do is simply not easy.  
(7) We are lucky to live in America. Really really really lucky. Really.
(8) Never, for a second, believe that you are powerless. In believing so you become so.
(9) We all share a responsibility to be and do good. Own it.
(10) "Boston is probably the only major city that if you f-- with them, they will shut down the whole city...stop everything.. and find you." -Adam Sandler

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